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by Michael Santiago, Fullstack Developer & SEO

Did you know that there are hundreds if not thousands of searches done every month for services that your company offers? Now the question is: are those potential customers finding your website or that of your competitor? At Arising Co, we understand the value of utilizing search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to draw leads to your website and ultimately maximize the number of conversions. Too often I hear from business owners that they are doing well with word-of-mouth approaches (such as referrals), to only find that in later conversations, their word-of-mouth approach dried up! All that time they could have been investing in their online presence so that their business would not be at a standstill. As your top Florida SEO marketing company that also specializes on enhancing your branding to give you an edge amongst the sea of competitors, we want to share with you tips to ensure that you are increasing revenue for your business so that in every season you have work available to perform.

SEM & SEO - What are they?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the practice of developing your website and overall online presence in such a way that helps your company rank higher on search engine results. Where SEM focuses on paid-advertising strategies to get people to your website (which helps supplement the SEO of your website), SEO is more focused on developing non-paid strategies through optimized pages of your website and online content such as blogs/articles to thus rank and draw people to your website.

If you have a decent marketing budget, paid-advertising can assist in not only drawing you direct leads, but also help your website rank on search engines naturally so that eventually you don't have to pay to advertise on a specific keyword since you'll already be ranking for that specific keyword.

For example, let's say that I am an HVAC company working on Air Conditioning repairs in the Orlando, FL area. If I wanted to improve my ranking on search engines for my company, I would want to have a page that specifically highlights air conditioning repairs in the Orlando area. I could do this through a service page or through a blog article, but because this is a specific service, we recommend it being a service page.

Choosing the Right Keywords

I will create a page on my website under Services called 'AC Repair' or 'Air Conditioning Repair'. This is where things get interesting. You may not know what exactly your target customer is searching for when they're on Google to find your services. You may think it is 'Air Conditioning Repair', but it could very well be 'AC Repair'. They may even be typing 'AC Repair Orlando'. After checking AHREFS, it turns out that although air conditioning repair has a high volume of monthly searches (19,000 in the United States), there is a search for ac repair orlando that is estimated 700 monthly searches and 1,000 global searches. Global searches could be a result of people owning property in Orlando but them living in a different country.

Keyword Volume Stats on AC Repair

Although Air Conditioning Repair is higher in search volume, it is not necessarily people in the Orlando area searching for it as this covers all the United States. Some people in Orlando could be searching that, but the 700 searching 'ac repair orlando' seems to be like my go-to people as they have a higher intent of calling my company for business. Because of this, I want to call my page 'AC Repair' as its title, and now I have to come up with the content of the page itself.

Creating the Content

Creating content for our 'AC Repair' service page involves more than just filling the page with keywords. It's about providing value to your potential customers. Search Engines like Google care about how the user is engaged with your page, and if they are leaving your page quickly, then it shows that your content isn't attractive and engaging enough to keep them there. Here's how you can achieve this:

Provide Detailed Service Information

Start by clearly describing your AC repair services. Detail the types of repairs you offer, such as fixing compressors, refilling refrigerants, or repairing fans. Use bullet points or a numbered list to make this information easy to digest. For instance:

  • Compressor repairs and replacements
  • Refrigerant refilling and leak fixes
  • Fan and motor repairs
  • Regular maintenance and service checks

Localize Your Content

Since our target audience is in Orlando, I will ensure the content is localized. I'll mention how the Orlando climate affects air conditioners and why regular maintenance is crucial. I could say:

"With Orlando's humid subtropical climate, AC systems work hard to maintain comfort. Regular maintenance is key to preventing breakdowns during our hot summers."

Use Customer Testimonials

I'll also include a few customer testimonials to build trust. If possible, it is better to have testimonials from Orlando residents to further localize and personalize your service. For example:

"John from Orlando says: 'After a swift and professional repair, our AC was up and running in no time. Reliable service and great prices!'"

Offer Helpful Tips

Provide additional value by offering tips on AC maintenance or signs to look out for that indicate a repair is needed. This not only helps your SEO but also positions you as an expert. For instance:

"Keep an eye out for these signs that your AC may need repair: unusual noises, weak airflow, or a sudden spike in your energy bill."

To make the website rank for more keywords, you can have internal links (links leading to other pages of your website) in these helpful tips. For example, there may be a specific question the customer is searching regarding fan and motor repairs that you can make a blog article specifically on, so we can offer a link in our helpful tips area that takes them to an article on the website addressing that issue. This helps in nurturing the customer to hopefully make a call and make the company a sale.

Use the Primary Keyword Naturally In Your Content

While creating the content, we'll use the primary keyword, 'AC Repair Orlando,' naturally throughout the text. However, avoid keyword stuffing, which is using the keyword abundantly throughout your content. Your primary goal is to provide value, with keywords flowing naturally in the text. You can speak about 'AC Repair' and what that entails, while also speaking about Orlando and how you serve Orlando and the surrounding cities. You don't have to only use 'AC Repair Orlando' as it is, but can be a combination of words, such as 'We provide AC Repair in Orlando, FL'. This phrase would aid in ranking for the keyword of 'AC Repair Orlando'.

Use Imagery and Videos

Another strong point to add to this fictional service page is to include images and videos of the process of repairing an air conditioner, things to look out for when considering calling an AC repair specialist, etc. Again, the longer we keep customers on the website, the better capability of ranking on the first page of Google for the keyword. Just make sure you use 'Alt Text' for your images as well, which is a description of what the image is about.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action

End with a strong call-to-action (CTA). Encourage readers to contact you for their AC repair needs. For example:

"If you're facing AC troubles in Orlando, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to bring cool comfort back to your home."

Don't Make This Mistake

By focusing on valuable content, localized information, and SEO best practices, your company can rank higher in search engines and attract more customers by applying what we did as a fictional Air Conditioning company in Orlando. Just remember that SEO is a long-term strategy, so being consistent with it in regards to publishing articles about topics that people are searching for is key. Don't make the mistake of publishing articles about topics that your customers aren't searching. This is where an SEO company can help you make wise decisions as their focus is to learn what your target audience is searching so that your website content can be properly optimized.

Example of How we Helped A Company with SEO

We helped Making Melody Music Academy go from 0 monthly search-engine traffic in February 2023 to 1,222 monthly search-engine traffic from Google in a matter of 6 months to reach 1,000 and now 1,222 at 9 months. As a result, they have been able to sell more courses, teach private piano lessons worldwide (the owner was particularly overjoyed being able to serve a customer from India), and feel as if they’re living out God’s purpose for their lives.

We provided SEO Consultation and Keyword Analysis to guide them in effectively creating blogs that would rank (and the numbers below show).

SEO Stats for Making Melody Music Academy

Their Organic Traffic Value as of Nov. 30th, 2023 is at $1,259, which means that they don’t have to spend $1,259 in Google Ads for the traffic they’re getting (1,222). Had they 0 traffic, they would be spending $1,259 monthly just to get 1,222 people to their website from Google. Talk about Free Marketing!

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you understand an aspect of the SEO world, and I say an aspect because this only covers the Keyword Research and Content Creation aspect of SEO.

  • If your website isn't running fast enough, your ranking will be hindered.
  • If your website isn't properly configured with its sitemap and robots.txt file, your ranking will be hindered.
  • If your website is focused on the wrong keywords that people aren't searching, your ranking will be hindered.
  • If your website isn't enhanced in its branding, and does not look credible or show your experience, your ranking will be hindered.
  • If you don't have a Google Business Profile, your ranking will be hindered.

There are so much more to learn, and we'll publish more articles along the way. I want to ask you this though: do you know how your business is faring in the online world? Are you getting customers consistently through your website? If not, we'd love to help you. We offer free SEO audits where we audit your website and provide you with where you're at, where you could be, and actionable steps to get you there. You can visit our Contact Page or call at 321-401-7016

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